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White Apples by Jonathan Carroll

White Apples is a difficult story to describe, but it concerns a man, Vincent Ettrich, who has come back from the dead, yet he also isn't alive. He's stuck somewhere in-between. He doesn't remember anything about being dead or alive, yet two shape-changing guides (one good and the other evil) move him through people's dreams, his own past, and confusing present. The central drama concerns his girlfriend, still alive and about to have his baby who is destined to save the world. Although quite a fanciful story, its themes about love, redemption, failure, and human frailty are universal truths. January Magazine says of White Apples, "Whether you read the novel as straight literature or as fantasy-cum-magic realism, it's a wonderful tale that challenges preconceived notions and demands more of its readers than 90 per cent of its competition, regardless of genre."
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Jonathan Carroll
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