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The Widow of the South by Robert Hicks

The Widow of the South refers to Carrie McGavock, whose Carnton plantation served as a field hospital during the Civil War battle in Franklin, Tennessee. It was one of the bloodiest days of the war, with thousands killed in one afternoon. One of those injured that day was Sergeant Zachariah Cashwell, and his presence in her house captivates Carrie, although she has difficulty understanding why. She's mourning the death of her children from illness when the war forces her to take care of the dead and dying. Robert Hicks' novel follows the paths of Carrie and Zachariah after the war, trying to find their places in the New South, where Carrie tends to the dead buried on her plantation and Zachariah wanders from job to job in attempt to take care of himself. The Widow of the South captures these lives upended by war and the search for belonging in a world turned upside down. It's received mostly positive reviews with the Denver Post saying, "it is a terrific read."
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Robert Hicks
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