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Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille

Wild Fire is Nelson DeMille's fourth John Corey thriller, and it begins in 2002 with Corey, ex-cop and member of the Anti-Terrorist Task Force, and his wife, FBI agent Kate Mayfield, going away for a romantic weekend. Corey talks to a co-worker, Harry Muller, who is headed to upstate New York to spy on a private gun club. Corey thinks it's a strange anti-terrorist assignment a year after 9/11, but when Muller never returns, Corey and his wife are sent to find out why. The gun club is the brainchild of Bain Madox, owner of an oil company and Vietnam veteran who wants to make the rest of world quake in fear of America's dominance. Madox is aware of a government program called Wild Fire, which would launch a massive nuclear strike against Islam everywhere in the world if a nuclear attack is launched against America by Islamist extremists. Madox figures out all he has to do is set off a few nuclear explosions in major American cities and the enemy will be defeated once and for all. Corey and his wife must stop his insane plan. Wild Fire has received mostly positive reviews with the Denver Post saying, "This is a perfect work of page-turning suspense, one that hits uncomfortably close to what could be truth."
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Nelson DeMille
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