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The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice

In The Wolf Gift, Reuben Golding is a young journalist spending the night in a gothic mansion when he's attacked. He awakens in the hospital suffering from a bite from a wolf, and finds that he's infused with a powerful feeling and the ability to sense evil. He uses his transformation to a werewolf to seek vengeance upon evildoers, winning the adoration of the public and media who want to know the identity of this new hero. Reuben discovers, though, that not every person who is bitten gets the wolf gift, and that he's not alone with this power. He's slowly pulled into a society of other gifted werewolves, who have secrets and powers that he can't even fathom. Anne Rice's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the San Francisco Chronicle saying, "All the while, Rice bolsters her knack for action and romance with an ode to the towering trees and misty rains of the Bay Area. In this part of the world, the novel's heroic creatures, unlikely trysts and philosophical discoveries suddenly seem all too believable."
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Anne Rice
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