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Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith

Arkady Renko, that fatalistic, intelligent, honest Russian police detective in a sea corruption, returns again in Martin Cruz Smith's Wolves Eat Dogs. One of the new Russian billionaire elite has committed suicide, and Arkady Renko knows there's more than meets the eye. Despite pressure from the prosecutor to leave it be, his investigation leads him to Chernobyl and another wealthy corpse. Chernobyl is a no-man's land, and Renko pursues the case with his innate dogged determination regardless of the odds against him. He finds there a world more reminiscent of the older Soviet days than the new Russia and peril nips at his heels as he peels back each layer of deceit and corruption. Wolves Eat Dogs has received positive reviews with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch review saying, "The plot is impossibly thick and complicated, but who cares? In the end, all becomes clear. And until the end, readers again have the pleasure of the company of Arkady Renko."
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Martin Cruz Smith
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