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The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell

The Wordy Shipmates of Sarah Vowell's nonfiction book are the Puritans who founded the Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1630s. They were a pious, educated group led by John Winthrop, assured of their righteousness in the eyes of God. They brought war to the Indians and kept a tight rein on their own citizens, leading to Roger Williams leaving to settle Rhode Island and Anne Hutchinson being tried for heresy. Yet their enduring legacy on the country is undisputed. Sarah Vowell also brings her humorous style to her own ruminations on history and culture, both past and present. The Wordy Shipmates has received mostly positive reviews with the Seattle Times saying, "For the most part, though, the writer remains her usual droll, big-hearted self. Vowell's breezy style often disguises her solid craft and the richer messages below her work's shiny surface, so don't be fooled. She's a genuine treasure."
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Sarah Vowell
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