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Wrack and Ruin by Don Lee

In Wrack and Ruin, Lyndon and Woody Song are brothers who are lifelong enemies. Lyndon gave up a successful and lucrative art career to come to Rosarita Bay, California to grow Brussels sprouts, smoke some pot, and remain isolated from society. Rosarita Bay is changing, though, and the people want to turn it into a tourist destination are trying to force Lyndon to sell his farm so they can build a golf resort. Woody is a disgraced financier who has lost the family money and is reduced to trying to make kung fu movie remakes. He comes to Lyndon's to convince him to sell so he can use the proceeds to help finance his film. The brothers work at cross purposes, enlisting oddball characters to their sides as events turn increasingly absurd and chaotic. Don Lee's novel has received mostly positive reviews with the Washington Post saying, "As richly satisfying as his first two books were (his other novel, Country of Origin, won both an Edgar and an American Book Award), Lee has outdone himself here. His prose moves and sparkles. He gives his characters a depth and thoroughness not commonly achieved by practitioners of the comic novel, a label that seems almost a disservice to a book as thoughtful as this one."
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Washington Post review by Steve Amick

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Don Lee
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