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Yellow Dog by Martin Amis

Yellow Dog has several different loosely-related plot lines. In one, writer Xan Meo gets conked in the head in a pub, and undergoes a slow personality change from a mild-mannered father to a violent, rude man with a growing fetish for his young daughter. King Henry IX tries to deal with a blackmailer who claims to have a film of a naked princess in the bath. Clint Smoker is a sleazy journalist with tiny genitalia who writes lurid stories for a tabloid obsessed with all things sexual. A coffin gets loose in the cargo hold of an airplane, crashing around and threatening to cause a disaster of its own. Martin Amis has written a sharp satire that evokes strong reactions from reviewers, most who either love it or hate it. Different reviews call Yellow Dog "fizzingly intelligent" (The Observer), "comic tour de force" (The Guardian), "joyless, boring long-haul flight to nowhere" (The Independent), and "a disturbing misfire" (The Independent).
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Martin Amis
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