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You Don't Love Me Yet by Jonathan Lethem

You Don't Love Me Yet revolves around Lucinda Hoekke, who takes calls on an artistic endeavor called "The Complaint Line" during the day and is also a bassist for an alternative band that can't even decide on a name. The band's lead singer is Matthew (who kidnaps a kangaroo from the zoo) and Lucinda can't seem to break off their relationship. She also gets constant calls from one complainer named Carlton, a successful slogan writer, who tells her of his philosophical musings. Lucinda is so intrigued by him, she agrees to meet him and falls for him. The band's lyricist has writer's block, and when Lucinda suggests some of Carlton's ideas as song material, the band suddenly finds success. The stealing of those ideas may also be their undoing. Jonathan Lethem's novel has received mostly positive reviews with Entertainment Weekly saying, "The result is a melancholy comedy of raucous manners. With minor-key brilliance, Lethem describes how alluring pop is crafted in a state of joyous tedium — the same paradox that can be disastrous when it comes to sustaining real love."
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Jonathan Lethem
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